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If you are new to the subject, however, read this processes to understand what kinds of business functions are available and how the BusinessBackbone might meet your business requirements.

The BusinessBackbone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are really an integrated suite of modules identified by major business function. The applications in this book are online transaction processing (OLTP) applications. For example, the Receivables application is designed to bill customers, collect cash, and keep track of what amounts are owed to your company. Most functions are designed to enable you to continuously interact with the system and perform the transactions of your business. Most reports are designed to list what transactions were made, control your processes, and show what balances remain after the transaction is made.

The breadth and depth of the Applications is too great for any-one user to deal with completely. If you install all the applications discussed in the BusinessBackbone, your database might have over 10,000 objects in it. It would take you several years to understand it all, and by that time, Dewsoft will have released new versions and your business will have changed.

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